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Online Spell Checker: Evaluate and Correct Any Text for Free

Even if you know how to spell words correctly, there is still a risk that you can make mistakes because of a lack of proper focus. The problem is that most spelling checkers cannot find the words that are not suitable to the context if they are spelled correctly. For example, when you accidently write “to” instead of “too” or “where” instead of “were”, most traditional applications like your spell check on Word won’t notice a mistake. However, your teachers and readers will! There is nothing that embarrassing than spelling mistakes in your college papers, articles and letter.

If you don’t want to be the best remembered for silly typos and misprints, then make sure to visit and perform a quick check of your paper before you submit it. Just go to our website, copy or upload your text, and start the process by clicking a button. That’s all! Spell check online is fast and simple when you have this amazing tool at hand.

How this spell checker (UK, US, and Canadian English) can help?

When you upload your document or copy the text into the box, this program performs a detailed check and provides you with correct options for mistakes of all types, structure of sentences, word choice and spelling. You may check the entire document or just a couple of sentences. No worries – the website doesn’t store neither your texts nor your personal information, therefore, it is completely safe to use it.

Once you receive the results, you may click the marked words and sentences to view the explanations and suggestions for improvement. However, there are even more tools for better writing we can offer.

  • Proofread your grammar

If you have problems with sentence structure or sequence of tenses, then make sure to check your grammar with the help of our corrector. Editing with is a plain fun comparing to manual revisions. This tool does almost all work for you. All you need is to choose the most appropriate improvement options and write them in your text.

  • Punctuation

If you don’t know where to place a comma in a compound sentence, rely on our editor. With the help of SentenceChecker all of your punctuation marks will be on the right places.

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not your problem anymore! This application will find and mark all the matching parts of your text let you rewrite them. Doing so, you will reach 100% uniqueness of your content.

Yes, you got that right: we have created a multifunctional proofreading tool with a wide range of services. No need to visit different websites or download numerous checking programs! You already have all the instruments for better writing right here. They are free and available online 24/7.

Who needs a sentence checker?

Literally, a sentence checker is a perfect tool for everyone who has to compose written content. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it to check all types of written content:

  • Academic papers

Every student wants to get better grades for essays. One of the easiest way to improve your college performance is to proofread your papers before you show them to your professor. Just devote a couple of minutes to a professional automatic check and get rid of all mistakes!

  • Emails

Emails are an important part of our life. We write them every day. Whether you need to contact your coworkers, friends or services, you should make sure that you send error-free messages. The truth is that people will judge your intelligence on the way you express your thoughts and follow the grammar/spelling rules. Therefore, mistakes in your emails are more likely to make a bad impression of you. Delete them all with the help of this free application!

  • Blogposts

If you are a blogger, you want to gain more subscribers. However, it is hard to win over your audience if you make mistakes in your posts. First, mistakes make your ideas unclear. Second, they can ruin your authority. Make sure to check your posts before you publish them and you will build more credibility among your fans.

Don’t forget about a spell check (UK and US English available!) every time you write a text

Poorly composed sentences, confusing sentence structure, typos, and other errors will make people think that you are a person with low writing skills. It is a real catastrophe if you work as a copywriter, educator, or journalist. It is not that easy to get rid of such a negative reputation. No matter how experienced and careful you are, you need a double-proofreading to make sure that your texts are just perfect. Perform an online spell check and don’t give those silly mistakes sneak into your texts and spoil your brilliant ideas!